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Our in-house research, marketing, sales, and operations teams collaborate to deliver the highest standards of service. Through a four-point process custom tailored to best suit the needs of your project; we deliver the highest value to our clients through comprehensive pre-development planning, strategic marketing, direct to market sales execution, and calculated operations management.

Our extensive market experience and reach, combined together through our diverse team, allows us to work with top tier organizations and talents to deliver comprehensive business development for maximum ROI per capital.


Research is the foundation of Divinity Group’s sales and marketing process. Whether developing a unique sales strategy for a new product or creating a repositioning strategy for an existing project, our ability to intelligently dissect current market conditions is critical to a project's success. Ultimately, our market research is used to establish the market opportunities and position, develop design recommendations, and formulate projections for strategic pricing and absorption for investment.
      • Full Market Research Analysis
      • Competitive Market Analysis
      • Company Profile Review
      • Design Recommendations
      • Product Mix and Category Analysis
      • Sales and Distribution Program
      • Market Positioning and Operations


In the current marketplace, creating the right brand for a new or existing product/company is essential to the project's success. We develop a comprehensive marketing plan and establish a strong brand presence for each product/industry category that will appeal to prospective buyers, while differentiating the brand from competitive products.
              • Comprehensive Marketing & Sales Plan 
              • Marketing Budget & Project Timeline 
              • Building Identity and Brand Guidelines 
              • Collateral Material Development 
              • Website Development 
              • Advertising Strategy & Media Schedule 
              • Public Relations Strategy 


With sales expertise and an influential network of sales professionals throughout the global market, our reach and proficiency is unsurpassed. Each Divinity Group project is managed directly by the executive team and staffed by internally trained associates, each hand-selected to suit the unique product and needs of the project. Our on-site team is provided with the most current, innovative sales tools to stream line and centralize the collective effort.
              • Strategic Sales and Budget Plan 
              • Market and ROI Analysis 
              • Tradeshow Planning and Execution 
              • Product Development Recommendations 
              • Merchandise Planning – Price, Stock, and Turnover 
              • Sales Negotiations and Execution 
              • Market Feedback and Development Planning


Recognizing that a key component to a project's success is the ability to effectively monitor and adjust sales and marketing strategies, Divinity Group maintains a consistent reporting schedule, with weekly meetings to evaluate efforts and ensure that goals are on track. From tracking daily site traffic, sales activity and absorption, to generating statistics and analysis for client review, information is available in real time and in “useable” data. In addition to continual reporting, the in-house operations team is directly in charge and responsible for the day to day operations, provided with the most current, innovative tools to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on behalf of the client.
              • Logistics and Fulfillment Operations 
              • Client Relations and Customer Service 
              • Marketing and PR Communications 
              • Project Management and NPD 
              • Contract Management 
              • Sales & Marketing Reporting 
              • Personnel and Contract Management